IMO is one of the best ways to have a live video chat with your friends, families, and colleagues. It provides you with a free and stable service over long distances. You can also chat with others through the chat feature. When using IMO you do not need to worry about your privacy being leaked because IMO uses TLS and SSL security technology. This security feature encrypts both your video calls and chat activities so that there is no third party involved in the communication. IMO lets you share files like music, videos, documentaries, and more for free with a limit of 10GB per file. In IMO you can create your own group and invite your friends and families to join, or you can join a group that shares similar interests like you. It is available on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. Now, let us see how to install and use IMO for iOS.

It also has a feature called Chatroom where IMO randomly matches two people in the same country and lets them have a conversation. You can also write your own story and post them in IMO. It provides tons of different emoticons so that you can clearly express the mood that you are feeling.

How to Download IMO for iOS

(1) Open your iOS device and connect it to the internet.

(2) Go to App Store and on the search bar enter IMO or click here.

(3) From the search results choose the Official IMO app.

(4) Select Get to download and install the app on your iOS device.

Select Get to download IMO for iOS

(5) Once the installation is over, open the IMO app.

(6) On the Your Phone page, select your country and enter your phone number and select next.

Enter Phone Number to use IMO for iOS

(7) On the Verification page, enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone.

Note: Enter the verification code in the given time or else IMO will call you.

Enter verification code

(8) On the Profile page, if you want to set your profile picture then select Change Avatar and choose your profile picture.

(9) If you do not want to set a profile picture you can directly click on Skip to skip the entire profile process.

(10) IMO will ask your permission to Access your contacts and select OK.

(11) Now, you can start chatting with your friends.

How to Use IMO on iOS

(1) Open the IMO app.

(2) If you want to chat with your friends, go to Contacts and select the friend that you want to chat with.

(3) If your friend is not on IMO, then select Invite Friends on the Chats page.

(4) Choose the contact info of the friend that you want to send the invite to. The invite to join IMO will be sent to your friend.

(5) If you feel like writing a story of what you have experienced or about something, then select My Story.

(6) Here, you can add a picture or video and write the story you want.

(7) To make a group video then select New Group Video call and add the people that you want to be in the video call.

(8) To make a video call to a particular friend, go to Contacts and click on the Video calling icon next to the name of your friend that you want to contact.

IMO Alternatives For iOS

There are also some great alternatives for IMO in iOS. They are:

  • WhatsApp
  • Single
  • Skype
  • Element


WhatAapp alternative app for IMO for IOS

WhatsApp is an instant messaging and voice-over platform that is available all over the world for free. It is simple, reliable, and easy to use. Here you can create or join groups, chat, and have a video call with your friends and families. You can also transfer files with each other. It provides you with a secure connection so that you can protect your privacy. And all your messages and video calls are encrypted in a way only the person who receives the message can see it. You can easily sign up for WhatsApp with only your phone number, and there is no need for any usernames and passwords.


Skype icon

Skype is a video call software that is best known for its VoIP technologies. You can also chat, share files, and more on Skype. Here, you can have video calls with up to 10 people at the same time. You can send and receive files in any format. It also allows you to share your screen or the whole desktop with each other. It also has its own way of encryption to protect users’ privacy.


Signal icon

If you want free and instantaneous communication anywhere, anytime in the world then Single is the one to go. You can have a chat or video calls with your friends, and families. It also allows you to send almost anything like GIFs, music, videos, and more to others. Signal uses end-to-end encryption that helps to keeps your conversations safe. It also has a feature that helps your messages disappear so that you can keep your history tidy.


Element icon

Element is different from other messaging and video calling apps because it operates on Matrix. Through matrix, you can decentralize communication which means you can host on your own. It also gives you all the rights and ownership of the data and messages. Element also encrypts your messages, video calls, and file that you share to protect your privacy. It allows group video conferencing and screen sharing.

IMO is a free app that is not only available for iOS, it is also available for Mac, Windows, and Android. It also has a premium monthly subscription that gives you 25GB of cloud storage. IMO lets you decorate your profile with background pictures, videos, and it even lets you set your motto for your profile.